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In His Own Words: Iggy Pop on the night he met David Bowie

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“I met David in New York in 1971. I was staying at [publicist] Danny Fields’ little funky-ass loft. It was late one night, and Danny went to Max’s Kansas City. I didn’t want to go. I was watching TV — Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Danny rang me: “There’s a guy down here. You remember him.” And I did. David had said something in Melody Maker about his favorite songs, and he said he liked the Stooges, which is something not a lot of people would admit at the time. Danny said, “You really gotta get down here.”

“David was there with his manager, Tony DeFries, and all these other people around him. My impression was that he was very poised and very friendly, but not as friendly in that setting as when I got to know him in smaller groups. I could see that he had some ideas for me.”



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The quote comes the Iggy Pop article for Rolling Stone.


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