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In His Own Words: FAT MIKE, were NOFX fans offended by the Vegas thing? (+ Cokie The Clown preview)

Fat Mike: Cokie the Clown – ‘You’re Welcome’ is available @ iTunes.

Fat Mike


“No way. Some people may have been offended by it, but so what? We got death threats. I didn’t look at the internet; I told everyone not to. But Eric and [guitarist El] Hefe did and they were so fucked up because of the death threats. Like, we didn’t shoot anybody, you fucking assholes! We just made a comment on who the members of the NRA are. I betcha there’s more country people in the NRA than punk rockers.”



nofx / fat wreck chords

The quote comes from the Dan Ozzi article for The Fader.  GTC article Cokie cover photo from Fat Wreck Chords.


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