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15. January 2020 By Walter Price 0

I don’t belong here, SINGLE: CITY VICTIM – “Screaming” [+ tour dates w/ Dylan Murphy and Eoin Dolan]

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City Victim

by Walter Price

If you like to go a ways back and jam classic tunes from The Jazz Butcher and Love and Rockets, and their penchant for blending psych, post-punk and clever and significant wordplay, then you’ll get into the new single, “Screaming”, from Galway, Ireland’s alt-collective City Victim. The track’s release also marks the announcement of a forthcoming tour with other like-minded Galway artists of note, Dylan Murphy and Eoin Dolan.

In a lengthy and informative joint statement, City Victim’s Adam Sheeran and Kieran O’Brien were kind enough to give GTC some of the single’s heavy backstory as well as more info on the forthcoming tour, “The song is about personal struggles (as are most), feelings of apathy and disconnection, on the backdrop of a small seaside town being sold out to gentrification, Airbnb, over-tourism, and multinational businesses. With less being done to hold on to cultural identity and more being done to merge into the generic mold of marketable consumerist culture.

“The song weaves in and out of different perspectives, in the beginning confirming that something isn’t quite right and that something is out of place. The chorus confirms the indifference with the lyrics ‘but you don’t wanna know’, and pretty much sets a downward spiral in place for the character of the song.

“We chose a photo of the river Corrib for the artwork of the song, a key landmark which runs right through the heart of Galway, of which the town is actually named after. There has always been a history of suicide with this river, rumour has it the daughter of a local chieftain drowned in the river, and her name was Gailleamh, thus the river (and later town) was given her name. Unfortunately, there have been a lot more deaths in recent years so much so that we now have river patrols along the banks at night.

“We know its heavy stuff to talk and write about, and even we felt a bit nervous about putting something like this out, but somebody’s gotta talk about it, even though its maybe not as obvious in the song upfront. Please feel free to use as much or as less as you’d like, or if you’d like to know anything else about the song or the band!

“Regarding the tour, we’ve been organizing this with our friends Dylan Murphy and Eoin Dolan for the last few months, we just really wanted to get some gigs going outside of Galway early on in the year. We’ve all been releasing new music as well which makes it feel really new and fresh, Eoin in particular just released his new album ‘Commander of Sapiens’ which is amazing so yeah everyone’s really looking forward to it! We can’t wait to play the likes of places like Pharmacia in Limerick, Whelan’s in Dublin, and we’ve also got a few nights booked in Liverpool as well! Happy days!”

For more/updated information on the following tour dates, follow the band’s links below.

15/01 Whelans Ones To Watch, Dublin
31/01 Liverpool (Venue TBC)
01/02 Craft Taproom, Liverpool
02/02 Liverpool (Venue TBC)
21/02 Pharmacia, Limerick
12/03 Roisin Dubh, Galway
13/03 Sin E, Dublin

For fans of Future Islands and/or Arcade Fire.


Adam Sheeran, bass (The Followers of Otis/Eoin Dolan Band)
Kieran O’Brien, vocals & guitar (Solo Artist/KAYOBI)
Ciaran O Maolain, drums (Half Forward Line)
Wayne Foy, vocals & guitar (Field Trip)

Band photo via Facebook, taken at The Blue Note Galway

city victim

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Dylan Murphy // Eoin Dolan