Chrissie Hynde quotes
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In Her Own Words: Chrissie Hynde on growing up in Akron, Ohio


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Chrissie Hynde quotes


β€œI was Joe Normal. But I was never too interested in high school. I mean, I never went to a dance, I never went out on a date, I never went steady. It became pretty awful for me. Except, of course, I could go see bands, and that was the kick. I used to go to Cleveland just to see any band. So I was in love a lot of the time, but mostly with guys in bands that I had never met. For me, knowing that Brian Jones was out there, and later that Iggy Pop was out there, made it kind of hard for me to get too interested in the guys that were around me. I had, uh, bigger things in mind.”



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The quoteΒ comes from the 1980 Kurt Loder interview for Rolling Stone.


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