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In Her Own Words: Birdy on what inspired “Keep Your Head Up”

Birdy and her ‘Beautiful Lies’ can be found on iTunes.


“That song (“Keep Your Head Up”) really started as a ballad, just at the piano, very much what’s really natural to me. That sound — I love it. And that’s how that one started as well. I remember just getting really stuck with it because I only had the verse, and I didn’t know why I couldn’t finish it. I ended up writing the rest of it with Steve Mac and Wayne Hector in London. Then we put drums to it, and it became this really uplifting anthem. It helped me finish the song.

“It’s just about when you’re feeling sad and you’re looking for things in the future that will make you happy, like good things coming. For me, that was probably the first week in London, feeling completely lost and weirded out, thinking, “Oh, this is the most exciting time in my life. I’m enjoying making my album, and I’ve got my family around me.”



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(quotes borrowed from the  Cory Lamz interview @ vanyaland)



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