Your GTC Weekly Top 10 14 September 2015

Weekly Top 10Here’s the thing, Mondays come and go but how often did you have the chance to hear from Billy Momo’s co-founder in an open and intriguing Q&A…Thank you Oskar for swinging by to conclude our series on Sweden’s band to know for they are on the rise!

In other news, our website has been a bit on the lame side the past few weeks. YouTube, Tumblr ans Soundcloud not recognizing plays and or visits. We can’t seem to solve the problem so as the Chuck Berry would say, “C’est la vie”.We’ll try to sort it out.

How was your week?

Here is a look at what read this past week at The GTC, your Top 10 September 7-13, 2015.


  1. RON MAIDEN Book of Souls (track by track review)
  2. BONNIE & THE BANG BANG Every New Love
  3. Ten Benson Mud Man Video
  4. Sounds of Pearl Charles
  5. TIDALWAVE EP Review
  6. Billy Momo: The Q&A
  7. The Beatles Show ELT w/ Ken Michaels
  8. 3 Reasons Why James Harries
  9. J.P. Kallio’s Musician Quick Tips 28
  10. Billy Momo Track x Track Drunktalk


Where did ya come from…

  1. United States
  2. Austria
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Canada
  5. Italy
  6. Sweden
  7. France
  8. Germany
  9. Australia
  10. Czech Republic



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