When love is lost, SINGLE: THE TRIMS – “Bending Time”

The Trims – “Bending Time” is available @ SoundCloud.

the trims

by Walter Price

San Jose’s nearing veteran status indie rock outfit The Trims have a new single, “Bending Time”, that, like most of their wares, will delight the bejesus out of post-punk/Brit-pop aficionados. Sonically, the track takes cues from Love & Rockets’ heyday, James, and edges towards 90s Emo. The band explains the song’s landscape, “When love is lost, and when of the two people who are now “just friends” there is only one broken heart, trying to accept the situation can feel harder than bending time.”

The single comes from a forthcoming EP, which, at this time, I have no title for. But that shouldn’t stop the rock, stream it now, below.


Gabriel Maciel – Vocals/Guitar
Billy Brady – Drums
David Ovlite – Bass
Jerry Lozano – Guitar

the trims

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