In His Own Free Speech: Tom Morello on using your platform + new single “Every Step That I Take” (feat. Portugal. The Man and Whethan)

Tom Morello – ‘The Atlas Underground’ is available now @ iTunes.

Tom Morello


“First of all, anyone who suggests that you should ‘just play guitar’ or ‘stay out of politics’, the reason they’re doing it is because they disagree with your politics…”

“In the United States, we have a thing called the First Amendment. You don’t give your right of free speech away when you pick up a guitar. When you have some sort of platform, you have a microphone that they don’t have, and so on social media they try to even the odds by telling you to shut up…One thing I will not be doing is shutting up any time soon.”



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(The quote comes from the Tom Connick article for NME)


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