Thoughts On Sir Paul & The Beatles’ New Releases

The Beatles -‘On Air-Live At The BBC Vol. 2’
Out 11 November 2013 

By Walter Price w/ Ken Michaels

I have been reading a ton of great news coming from The Beatles and Paul McCartney camps concerning new releases from each. 

Sir Paul has New coming on 15 October and The Beatles’ On Air- Live At The BBC sees the light of day on 11 November. 

All very exciting! So exciting I reached out, via email, to one of the foremost experts in all things The Beatles and related this and thats, Ken Michaels. 

Good Morning Ken, We’d love to get your thoughts on the new Paul and Beatles releases coming up. Let me know your thoughts and if you have heard any of the new tracks.
Paul McCartney – ‘New’
Out  15 October 2013
As far as the new McCartney album is concerned, I’ve only heard the single and title track, “New,” which has all the hallmarks of a great McCartney single-an infectious melody, catchy as could be, and sounding very fresh and contemporary. I especially love the acapella harmonies that end the song.   I can’t wait to hear the new album, as this is the longest wait we’ve had for an album of all original material from Paul–5 years since the Fireman’s “Electric Arguments,” and if you’re going strictly by his name, 6 years since “Memory Almost Full.”  He’s working with 4 producers for the album-Paul Eppworth, Mark Ronson, Ethan Johns and Giles Martin. The last time he worked with a lot of producers for an album was with “Flowers In The Dirt,” which was one of the best albums of his career.

As for the BBC compilation, I’m thrilled to see any unreleased Beatles finally come out. Their work on BBC Radio is a vital part of their career-it reflected much of the material they were performing live at the time, and it also showed that George sang lead vocals on more of their material than most realize. You get a sense they are getting better as a live act, and there were 36 songs they performed for the BBC that they never released with EMI. Most of those songs ended up on 1994’s “Live At The BBC.” But this collection includes their performances of Stephen Foster’s “Beautiful Dreamer” and Chuck Berry’s “I’m Talkin’ About You”

There’s quite a lot of the banter between the Beatles and their respective radio hosts on this new release, which was an important part of their appeal-to see how naturally funny they were together.

I’m really excited about these 2 releases, and I’m also hoping that as far as the Beatles group releases are concerned, that this might signal more unreleased material coming, which we really haven’t had since the Beatles Anthologies collections.

Thanks Ken for your time!

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