The Beatles & Ken Michaels Come Together

Its every Beatles fan favorite day of the week! Ken Michaels’ “Every Little Thing” is on-air!!
You will not want to miss a minute of the most entertaining and informative program devoted to all things The Beatles.
Warm up your Yeah Yeah Yeahs!
Hey Ken, what do you have for us on tonight’s show?
Tonight it’s a GEORGE HARRISON birthday special on the live broadcast of “Every Little Thing.” It’s George Solo, Wilburys, and his songs with the Beatles tonight 8-10pm (est) on 88.7 WNHU, West Haven, CT, which you can stream here! Any George requests? I’ll get them ready for tonight!

About Ken Michaels:
Ken Michaels’ radio career began in the communications program at the New York Institute of Technology.  From 1981-1983, he hosted programs at the campus station WNYT, including Album Rock on weekdays and Top 40 on weekends.  The program director, noting the many solo-Beatles songs that Ken played, and his tendency towards Beatles T-shirts, suggested he do a Sunday night Beatles show.   In March 1982, “The All-Request Beatles Show” was launched as a one-hour show beginning at midnight on Sundays.  After a slow response, Ken successfully proposed the idea of moving the show to the 10-11pm hour.  And once that happened, the phone lines lit up like crazy, and the show was soon expanded to take up the full 3-hour shift.   In developing his show, Ken mixed the classic group recordings of the Fab Four with their respective solo music, gave exposure to the newest solo releases, invented many unique games and forms of trivia, and coaxed an independent record store into giving him prizes every week….
In 2011, Ken hosted a radio special to celebrate the CD remaster for Paul McCartney & Wings’ “Band On The Run,” that aired on 260 stations. This lead to launch the nationally syndicated show “Every Little Thing,” now heard on 20 U.S. outlets-a mixture of commercial, public, college and internet stations, including
In September 2009, Ken created the new all-talk podcast “Fab Fourum,”  and in 2012, Ken joined forces with Beatles Examiner’s Steve Marinucci to create “Things We Said Today,” a half-hour Beatles talk show centered on the latest news happening in the Beatles world, which you can stream on and iTunes.
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