Your Global Texan Chronicles Top 10 for the Month of September 2017 is Fresh

Global Texan Chronicles Top 10 for the Month of September 2017.

Global Texan Chronicles Top 10


Thank You for coming by Global Texan Chronicles during the month of September 2017, one of our biggest, ever. Last month we were honored to check out new music from Child Ivory, we found ourselves loving Lukas Nelson & Promise of The Real’s “Find Yourself”, Lo Carmen and Kieran O’Brien stopped by to go 5 albums that influenced, and the Last Drop went track by track La Gravedad.

But there was more. The team at Real Rock And Roll Music blog presented tracks by Black Star Riders, Silvercord, Pale Seas, Tarot Rats, The Tommyhawks, and BlackWaters. We welcomed writer Kt Emmerson and her unique perspectives to the GTC fold, Billy Momo continued to share their music-making pearls of wisdom, and Ken Michaels’ Beatles Show Every Little Thing thrilled with Pete Best, Glen Campbell and more!!

Here is what was read the most during September 2017.

  1. Lo Carmen: 5 Albums That Inspired The New Album “Lovers, Dreamers, Fighters”
  2. Why Black Swift’s Sally Grayson Reminds Me of Michael Hutchence
  3. Lukas Nelson & Promise of The Real – “Find Yourself”
  4. How Neo Post Punk Can Cure Your Bad Momma Funk and other reasons to listen to Human Tetris
  5. LAST DROP: Edin Malamadre Goes Track by Track ‘La Gravedad’
  6. GTC Has Fresh Track Picks Real Rock And Roll Music Blog Edition September 2017 Pt. 1
  7. Beatles Show ELT w/ Ken Michaels: Pete Best talks about the Beatles’ first recording
  8. 5 Albums That Influenced Irish Singer-songwriter Kieran O’Brien
  9. NEW SINGLE: Child Ivory – “Angie”
  10. Billy Momo Says: Seven Rivers Wild

Where did you come from in September:

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Australia
  4. Germany
  5. Ireland
  6. Spain
  7. Canada
  8. Italy
  9. Sweden
  10. France


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