Whitney Rose

Whitney Rose South Texas Suite

Whitney Rose South Texas Suite iTunes  /  Six Shooter Records. by Walter Price   Stunningly reminiscent of Marty Robbins, Whitney Rose’s new release South Texas Suite opens with “Three Minute Love Affair”, and then the brilliance continues to unfold. Blending styles and genres seemingly comes easy for this Austin-based Canadian ‘countrypolitan’ star. And rarely does an artist trying…

JT Coldfire

JT Coldfire

JT Coldfire R.I.P.    “I absolutely love the life I live because I live the life I love. And  even though it does get difficult for my family, they are my biggest supporters. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.” – JT Coldfire    More of JT’s story here.   Introduce your music to a worldwide audience with TABC…

robert earl keen quotes

Robert Earl Keen

  “The way I see it, there are just 2 ways to go, livin’ fast or dyin’ slow! Which way you gonna go?” – Robert Earl Keen   Check Out REK’s HAPPY PRISONER: THE BLUEGRASS SESSIONS HERE foto credit: REK Facebook      

Emilio Navaira

Luego me abraza, Me siento muy contento, Me dice tu eres mi amigo, Se me acaba la fe… by A. Michael Uhlmann Emilio Navaira: August 23, 1962, – May 16, 2016   According to news reports, a massive heart attack – an autopsy was ordered – ended the live of Tejano singer Emilio Navaira. The 2003 Grammy winner…