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In His Own Words: Ben Folds on art and turmoil

Ben Folds can be found on iTunes.     “I do have that mindset, that most good art comes from some turmoil, from someone trying to come to some equilibrium, or come up and get a breath.”   BEN FOLDS facebook / website       support great artists, buy music     kindly share



But then again I ask you, did they “borrow” or where they just heavily influenced by other artists, maybe even inspired? by J.P. Kallio   I’m sure many of you heard the story that made the front page music news about Irish singer songwriter Hozier and the plagiarism claims. In fact it is so well…

how to make money

J.P. Kallio’s Musician Quick Tips 24

And if you don’t work towards building a strong loyal following, I got news for you. It won’t build itself! by J.P. Kallio   Here are this week’s musician quick tips, part 24!! In my nearly two decades as a full time musician I have learned a thing or two about this business. I also have…

how to write a song

The immortal life of a song

Musicians career can be short-lived, but the music will remain years to come… by J.P. Kallio   It can take me a few hours to write a song, sometimes longer. I craft a story that resonates with me, and I hope it will resonate with others as well. I tie that story into a melody…

indie artists

Self-made Critics

It’s the independent artists who are still brave enough to break the mould, do their best not to fit into the box set by major label machines… by J.P. Kallio   How can you criticise something, if you were not there. In the past I have been hesitant to post video of Sliotar’s live shows, as…

darkest hour

Tip the Scales

All those long hours of planting seeds, all those late nights you spent up on your own working on your dream, while your friends were out partying, will eventually pay off. by J.P. Kallio   The darkest moment of the night, is just before the dawn. It is important to remember this. If you are…

art projects

Everyday Arts

Art should not be limited to its performance or exhibition space, it should become integral part of the world around us. by J.P. Kallio   Art for many of us is a lifeline, it’s what make our mundane everyday life’s just that little bit easier to deal with. Good art can let us escape, make…

the creator

Art is not just for the creator

The lines of the roles we play are getting blurred. by J.P. Kallio   We have been living in a society that like to put every one of us into a box and give us a tittle. We have been expected to have a task, a role to play. Educate our selves, get a job,…