cedar teeth

VIDEO: Cedar Teeth – “Winter” (Farewell to Green Mountain)

Cedar Teeth – Farewell to Green Mountain on iTunes. by Walter Price   Portland area roots-rock outfit Cedar Teeth has self-released a stunning six-track EP, Farewell to Green Mountain. A well-balanced collection blending folk, bluegrass, and modern era alternative. The beauty here are the layers and the meat and potatoes could just be vocalist Dylan Martell inviting…

We Arsons music

We Arsons

We Arsons – “Keep The Lights On” by Walter Price   San Francisco’s We Arsons aren’t necessarily the first to understand the brilliance that was the second heyday of the alt-rock movement that held court in the early to mid 90’s. But they certainly are one of the best outfits to utilize what came before…

Brian Whelan

Brian Whelan

  “Texas is a pretty special place. Because It’s part of the culture, to go out to the dancehall and even supporting the artist is part of the culture there.” – Brian Whelan   Brian Whelan   iTunes  /  Website  “Suckerpunch” from the Sugarland album    

Jubilee Riots 2015

Jubilee Riots Penny Black

By Walter Price   Sometimes in life and careers you have to navigate away from the popular course. Set your sights on new uncharted horizons. Jubilee Riots (Bruce McCarthy, Craig Downie, Trevor Lewington, Mark Abraham, Brian Buchanan) are well traveled persons in the music world. Establishing themselves as road warriors and purveyors of story based…