3 Reasons Why Cádiz, Spain

Cádiz is the new go to rock n roll city?   By Walter Price   The three bands mentioned in this article are familiar names to The GTC pages. What these three bands represent are varied sounds coming from a Spanish city that you may or may not know about. The city is called Cádiz, nestled…

Michael Miley Rival Sons

    “Most people don’t have a definitive definition of what Rock and Roll really is.  Of late, thankfully, you have Jack White, Dave Grohl, and The Black Keys raising awareness that Rock doesn’t have to be perfect on a grid, or platter, served up to the mainstream’s liking…” – Michael Miley   Rival Sons…

Chris Rolling Squad

The Chris Rolling Squad Help Me

VIDEO: The Chris Rolling Squad – “Help Me” by Walter Price   French rocker Chris Rolling’s recent EP The Chris Rolling Squad is one of those albums that immediately captures the imagination of any music fan. The stellar musicianship, the blending of genres in a concoction of blues laced Rock N Roll, garage and rockabilly carrying…

Andrew W.K.

    “Get in a car. Pick up your friends. Play music you love. Open the windows and drive. Be glad you’re alive.” – Andrew W.K.   Facebook  /  Website  /  YouTube         kindly share

hell quotes

Richard Hell

  “I believe in people treating each other with respect.” – Richard Hell     Richard Hell and the Voidoids – Blank Generation 1977     kindly share

robert smith quotes

Robert Smith

  “I lose myself in music because I can’t be bothered explaining what I feel to anyone else around me.” –  Robert Smith       kindly share

Mark Sandman (Morphine)

  “I was kind of a dreamy child—a Curious George baby. As a child, people told me they thought I’d grow up to be a poet. You have to wonder what kind of kid someone would say that to.” – Mark Sandman     kindly share

deftones quotes

Chino Moreno

  “I always enjoy rhythms and melodies, but I always use my voice as more of an instrument and less of a soapbox for me to say or to preach.” –  Chino Moreno       kindly share

twisted sister movie


IT’S THE PRICE WE GOTTA PAY…AND ALL THE GAMES WE GOTTA PLAY… by Walter Price   The thing about rock n roll that the newer crop of musicians don’t want to remember is the rockstarness of the the whole concept. Twisted Sister knew and wanted it more than anything and these New Jersey-Long Island cats…

The Wanton Bishops

Back to The Wanton Bishops

You don’t wait for inspiration to come so you can write a song…” – Nader Mansour by Walter Price   The Wanton Bishops’ 2015 album Sleep With The Lights On is an explosive exploration of blues rock n roll, hints of rockabilly and ingredients of pure classic rock. I think the band’s realistically raw approach to…