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In His Own Words: When Rodney Crowell Met Hank Williams

Rodney Crowell – Close Ties pre-order on iTunes.   “My father took me to see Hank Williams on December 14th, 1952, I was two years and four months of age. And I remember a little cool eddy of hair hitting my cheek and I remember the smell of his hair oil, and I remember the mingling…

Ghost Songs

Ghost Songs: David Allan Coe

Ghost Songs: The Ride  by Walter Price   I was still breathing when this Gary Gentry( J.B. Detterline Jr. penned; David Allan Coe recorded spooky smash hit the airwaves. It was from Coe’s legendary outlaw country must have, Castles in the Sand. The album is wall to wall authentic country grit n’ twang but the song we’re talking…

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It Was 1949

by The GTC   We’re all eager beavers at heart, so fire-up your mental sonic time machine and let’s get to back to the hottest of the hot singles from 1949!!   Top Pop Track   Top Country Track   Top Rhythm & Blues Track         kindly share