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top music articlesThe dust of 2015 is settling and time to see what we got and don’t got. What we had in the past year here at The GTC was an amazing year of discovering new artists from all over the world as well as continuing our friendships with artists that are doing it the only way they know how and we love following them on their journeys.

So thank you to all the artists that stopped by in 2015 to chat with us about everything from their music, dreams, families and thoughts in general. You all made the world a better place in 2015.

A special thanks to the contributors to The GTC last year. You are cooler than cool and your love of music is incomparable. Talkin’ to you Alle Royale (Italy), J.P.  Kallio (Ireland/Finland), Maria Haskins (Canada/Sweden), Ken Michaels (Connecticut/New York)  and the special guests that shared their thing Luisa Black (California?), Janafur S-Adams (Chicago) and Marc Griffiths (UK). You all made the rockin’ world go round and we couldn’t have done the year without you.

Without any further hubbub, here is what was read the most (not a critic’s list) at Global Texan the most in 2015.


  1. The Marty Ray Q&A: Don’t Forget About Elvis
  2. Rock In Peace JT Coldfire
  3. The Beatles Show ELT w/ Ken Michaels
  4. The Corn Potato String Band – ‘Volume 2’
  5. Debut: DIANA RADAR – “Cubic Zirconia”
  6. Cobra Ramone BANG BANG
  7. Clara Luzia Cosmic Bruise
  8. Review: Europe – ‘War Of Kings’
  9. Collette McLafferty’s Ugly $10 Million WTF
  10. Ten Benson Unearth Suckers In The Woods The Making of…
  11. In Case Of
  12. Rich Girls Tour Diary: Fury Road
  13. 3 Reasons Why James Harries
  14. 5 Things With The Tropics (Now HEARTWATCH)
  15. John Anderson does “Magic Mama” right
  16. IRON MAIDEN Book of Souls (track by track review)
  17. Holiday Sidewinder
  18. Billy Momo Track x Track
  19. Maija Sofia
  20. Hellsingland Underground Say Goodbye to Henning Winnberg


Where the GTC readers came from the most in 2015

  1. United States
  2. Germany
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Australia
  5. Sweden
  6. Ireland
  7. France
  8. Italy
  9. Brazil
  10. Spain
  11. Austria
  12. Serbia
  13. Canada
  14. Netherlands
  15. Mexico


Thank You and we hope you’ll continue to visit The GTC.

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