Your Global Texan Chronicles Monthly Top 10 for May 2018

May 2018 has gone but The GTC Monthly Top 10 is in!

May 2018

Thank You for coming by Global Texan Chronicles during the month of May 2018. We checked out the Best of Spotify with sounds from Kandur, Fire Tiger Music, Clara Luzia, and more. We also heard new music from Listener, Evan Egerer, Kittenhead, Haiku Hands, Lily Allen, and Klammer. Our friends at Real Rock And Roll music blog curated the latest in need-to-know rock and God Bless Relative shared five albums that have influenced them over the years.

We had so much than that. If you missed anything, click around…it’s never too late.

Here is what was read the most at The GTC last month:

  1. Best Of Spotify May 2018: Ilker Kandur – Fantasy (EP)
  2. God Bless Relative, and the Five Albums That Helped Shape Them
  3. FRESH SINGLE/VIDEO: Evan Egerer Valleys (from the Valleys EP)
  4. Real Rock And Roll Archives
  5. Best Of Spotify May 2018: Fire Tiger Music – Suddenly Heavenly
  6. Best of Spotify May 2018: Clara Luzia – ‘When I Take Your Hand’
  7. Ken Michaels Beatles’ Show Every Little Thing: Influence of Indian music
  8. TIE: Three Reasons Why it’s time to rock Kittenhead (LA) / My New Addiction: That’s, Not About You – Haiku Hands
  9. Prose, Noise, Inventors: the concepts of Listener – Being Empty: Being Filled LP
  10. TIE: GOING DARK: KLAMMER – “Modern God” (plus Steve Dutton directed video) / Coming of Age: Lily Allen – “Trigger Bang” ft. Giggs (No Shame)




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