Beatles Show ELT: Mark Lewisohn Insterview

Mark Lewisohn Insterview

Mark Lewisohn Insterview

IT’S A Mark Lewisohn 2fer!!


This show includes an interview with Beatles author Mark Lewisohn discussing John Lennon’s first song compositions, several solo-Beatles live tracks, and some of the shortest song titles from the solo-Beatles-all with just 3 letters!


Win a copy of the new novel POET OF THE WRONG GENERATION by Lonnie Ostrow. Ken has known Lonnie since the early 90’s when he co-hosted a weekly Beatles talk & music show “Beyond The Beatles” on WBAU, Long Island (Adelphi University’s station.) The show actually was groundbreaking, as it mixed conversation about all the Beatles news at the time, while playing some of their current music -at a time when there are many Beatles talk-show podcasts, this show was around pre-internet and streaming!!!

Lonnie’s book is about a young poet, Johnny Elias, whose favorite artists are the great poets of the 60’s and 70’s–The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Harry Chapin, Jim Croce and others.   Through a combination of sheer talent and luck, he meets someone at school who thinks his music has strong potential, and helps him get a recording contract, and he becomes the new sensation in the early 90’s when pop radio was ignoring music from the poets that inspired him.  And while he is enjoying his fame, is always struggling to regain the love he once had with the woman of his dreams.  The book has constant references to the Beatles, and other great artists and music of that era. . Go to Ken’s SPECIAL CONTEST page!!!



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This segment includes more of my interview with Beatles author Mark Lewisohn, this time discussing Paul McCartney’s first song compositions, a few cover versions of Beatles songs, and a thematic set of songs whose titles start with the letter “A.”

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