Perpetual / Apocalyptic SINGLE: NRVS LVRS – “Whatever & Ever”

NRVS LVRS – “Whatever & Ever”  is available @ iTunes.


by Walter Price


Do you remember that opening scene of The Hunger, Bauhaus’ menacing Goth number foreshadowing the unknown, inevitable doom? NRVS LVRS’ recent single, “Whatever & Ever”, is less bloodthirsty than that but the ominous undertones are similar. An examination of the darkness of social media’s uninvited gloomy magnetism. A modern vortex sucking the attention and souls out of each and every one of us. Andrew Gomez’s voice has dark familiarities to that of Peter Murphy’s 1979 baritone and with the underlying hints of industrial heightening the weariness to this ode to involuntary distractions… Where do we go from here…

Turn out the lights…



Bevin Fernandez / Andrew Gomez

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Band photo by Hailley Howard ⁣⁣




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