5 Albums That Influenced Irish Singer-songwriter Kieran O’Brien

Kieran O’Brien has a new EP, ‘Turn‘, out 13 September 2017.
Kieran O'Brien
by Kieran O’Brien

I could list hundreds of my favorite albums, but instead, I’ve focused my top 5 around certain records that have affected me significantly throughout my teen years. While they might or might not be reflected in my music I don’t know, but they have become like old friends to me now.

Radiohead – Kid A (2000)

 Although Amnesiac (2001) was the first Radiohead album I ever bought, when I was around 14 years of age or so, it was like like hearing nothing I had ever heard before, I bought Kid A shortly after which was as close an experience to finding life on another planet. To this day these two albums have always been quite linked for me, there is so much going on in Kid A I can never get tired of it. Although they should really stick parental advice logos on these things, I wasn’t ready for hearing this stuff as a child!


Do Make Say Think – & Yet & Yet (2002)

I think I was around 16 when I first heard this. It came out of nowhere, but brought me everywhere.. full of street sounds and ambiance, layered guitar loops and ride cymbals, a purely instrumental record with an impeccable production. I wanted to mention Boards Of Canada or maybe Ulrich Schnauss in place of this but I think this album actually got me onto them in the first place.

The Inbreds – Kombinator (1994)

 A little bit less “heavy” than that last two, but I always feel this band needs more attention! This is my go-to album for singing in the car, I love the vocal harmonies and the melodies are incredibly catchy! Not bad for a band with just 2 guys! Good catchy Canadian indie rock!

Sun Kil Moon – Ghosts of the Great Highway (2003)

 A very special album, my friend introduced me to this band when we were only teenagers and we bonded incredibly over it. There’s definitely something in it that just lifts you out of this world. I find a lot of Mark Kozelek’s work hit and miss but this album is definitively his masterpiece in my humble opinion.

Elliott Smith – Roman  Candle (1994)

 I discovered the music of Elliott Smith when I was around 17/18. I didn’t listen to anything else for weeks, I was obsessed. Not only did Smith’s music re-enforce my interest in playing acoustic guitar at the time, it brought out a lot of strong feelings which I had never experienced and allowed me to grow a lot emotionally. I was going through a tough time at this stage in my life and I guess I just found a lot of comfort in his music back then, as I do now.



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