Three-Way: Katrina and the Waves – “Walking on Sunshine”… Don’t it feel good

Katrina and the Waves can be found on iTunes.


by Walter Price


Not long ago in the fabled year of 1985, your sensibilities leaned heavy and often towards the dark metal from your fave thrashers like Anthrax, Dokken, Overkill, Accept, Iron Maiden just to name a few. But you had a dirty happy little secret. A secret shared by millions and since 30-plus years have moved through the universe, it is time to come out as a huge fan of that everlasting pop classic that made you bounce around your bedroom in your whitey-tighties.

That song, that would go on to caption countless Instagram summertime photos, was “Walking On Sunshine” and the band providing your jubilance was Katrina and the Waves. Expressions of joy and giddy bopping would never be the same. So much so that, other artists took notice and did their very best to capture the atmosphere, in their own stylistic ways.

Be proud you let your love of this classic shine through just as these three stellar examples have. Don’t it feel good…





Dolly Parton


Ghoti Hook


The Dollyrots






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