The GTC is located in Leipzig, Germany with contributors from all over the planet (Earth). The GTC is a crew of very few who love and promote the real people who are making their art. Country, rock, singer/songwriter, metal and so on. If It’s not put together in a boardroom, all the better, we’ll find it and then talk about it.

We’re not trying to be popular, right, in-the-know, or necessarily profit, we’re just listening to music.


All press requests for hard copies, guest lists, and interviews will be handled by GTC editor Walter Price. If you receive any requests from anyone other than Mr. Price please contact us or ignore completely. We look forward to working with you and (or) your artists.


The photos we choose to feature in our articles and reviews are most often provided by the artists, record labels or PR firms. On occasions, we have to search for ‘public domain’ photos and artwork. We never intend to infringe on anyone’s copyright or property. If you see a photo that is your work and it is not for public consumption, please contact us and we will replace your work immediately.

The Global Texan logo/artwork is by Matt Adams of The Blank Tapes.


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