Fresh Global Texan Chronicles Weekly Top 10 July 10, 2017

Fresh is all over The GTC Weekly Top 10.


Thank You for coming by Global Texan Chronicles this past week (one of the most visited weeks of 2017) as we checked out the great new video from Cedar Teeth, Sesame Street and the Beastie Boys got mashed-up, we looked at three David Brent cover songs, Billy Momo dropped some wisdom, how did The Outsiders influence Butch Walker’s latest album, Ken Michaels played Beatles’ songs about America on Every Little Thing and much more.

Here is what was read the most this past week at The GTC. July 3 – 9, 2017:

  1. VIDEO: Cedar Teeth – “Winter” (Farewell to Green Mountain)
  2. 4th of July and songs that resemble your freedom
  3. Three Way: David Brent – “Slough”
  4. Butch Walker and the influence of Ponyboy Curtis & The Outsiders
  5. 5 Albums That Influenced Multifaceted Musician Wily Bo Walker
  6. Billy Momo Says (guest article): Becoming big
  7. The Beastie Boys homage from Sesame Street you never knew you absolutely needed
  8. Billy Momo Says: Circadian rhythm and the creative mind
  9. 3 Reasons Why Beastie Boys’ Ill Communication
  10. Beatles Show Every Little Thing – BEATLES’ AMERICAN SINGLES SPECIAL


Where did you come from last week?

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  6. Canada
  7. Brazil
  8. Spain
  9. Italy
  10. France

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