FOX GRIN and Five Albums (+ one) that helped inspire their sound

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by Thomas Chapman & David Bean

When so many albums are your favorites it’s hard to select a few that inspire your band’s sound. Compiling this list was difficult but we wanted to pick some classics and a couple contemporaries.

Odyssey and Oracle – The Zombies


This album is a masterpiece. Early British Psych Pop recorded in ‘68, it was their 2nd album I believe. It’s fascinating when an album has very little commercial success but garners a huge cult following over the years. A friend showed me this record right before college and it’s always been a blueprint of magic for me.

Songs for the Deaf – Queens of the Stone Age


Dark rock masterpiece. Such a well-executed concept album about driving through the desert and surfing radio stations. 3 primary songwriters, 3 vocalists, and Dave Grohl on drums – the collaboration is incredible. As a kid I used to listen to this album over and over and I still never get bored with it. The segways between songs are creative and inspiring. The whole album oozes primal darkness. It rocks. Hard. Every concept album should be this good.

Melody’s Echo Chamber – Melody’s Echo Chamber


Who doesn’t love Kevin Parker? On this album, he teamed up with his then girlfriend Melody Prochet. It was during the time he made his Lonerism masterpiece and the production carries over to this album. Melody’s French/English vocals are incredibly haunting and beautiful. Modern Psych Dream Pop at its finest.

Long Wave – Jeff Lynne


Jeff recently put this album out along with his latest ELO record. He covers his favorite songs that he listened to growing up in Birmingham. You can really feel the love on this record and the emphasis on the songs themselves…and those harmonies!

Cryptograms – Deerhunter


David and I both grew up in Atlanta, and I remember when a physical copy of this CD was handed to me. It stayed in my car for days. We love when albums have a thumbprint all the way through. One cohesive thought. Cryptograms doesn’t follow any pop formula, and its use of soundscapes is mesmerizing. It sounded like a band simultaneously from the past and future. It’s still inspiring.

+ one

Let it Be – the Beatles


So easy to pick a Beatles record, we love to refer to them as the Bach of modern pop music. Let it Be was the closest thing to a recording “failure” that they had. They nearly broke up during its making and they never properly finished the process. Phil Spector was brought in to finish producing/mixing the album and it’s really beautiful. Some of the songs were their live rooftop recordings. I love how much of a collage this record feels like. It also feels very raw.


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