Best Rockin’ Pop Holiday Song Ever: Fire Tiger Open Eyes (This Christmas)

Fire Tiger Open Eyes (This Christmas) is available on iTunes.


fire tiger open eyes

by Walter Price


There has been plenty said about Fire Tiger’s retro sound and it is certainly inescapable. Vocalist Tiffany Alkouri’s beyond comprehension style and soulful delivery reminiscent of Bonnie Tyler or Kim Carnes and again I’m sure those comparisons have been iterated times over.

This brings me to a holiday track the band did some time ago (2013 I believe) “Open Eyes (This Christmas)”. Replete with sleigh bells intro and some sultry “Ohooos” to start the tale of humbling groundings. The Richard Marx-esque composition cradles some of the most well-thought-out lyrics I’ve had the chance to hear in a modern holiday track.

When most artists treat Christmas singles as gimmicky gifts (of sorts) for their fans, “Open Eyes” goes the stunning palpable distance. In a story of compassion and realizations that we should all do a bit more for those who have little to call their own. This track is certainly ‘holiday spirit’ through and through. Bravo.

And you can pre-order Fire Tiger’s forthcoming new album, “Suddenly Heavenly” (out 1.11.18) at iTunes.


Happy Holidays



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One thought on “Best Rockin’ Pop Holiday Song Ever: Fire Tiger Open Eyes (This Christmas)

  1. Great song guys, always enjoyed your music. It was nice talking to you a while back about using your song for a campaign in Kingston . Keep Rockin’ Merry Christmas.

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