Five Albums That Helped Influence Feral Conservatives’ Songwriter and Vocalist Rashie Rosenfarb

Feral Conservatives’ new album ‘Better Lives’ is out 3rd of November via Egghunt Records.

by Matt Francis


Rashie Rosenfarb is the lead singer, mandolinist, and primary songwriter for our Virginia Beach, VA band, Feral Conservatives. On November 3, we release our new album, Better Lives. The album is produced and mixed under the seasoned eye of power-pop guru Jon Auer of Big Star and The Posies. You can check out our

Rashie was kind of enough to sit down and share her top five influential albums. Spanning modern emo to classic Brit-pop. “It took me a while to whittle down to just five albums! So many good ones to choose from. But I’ll give it my best shot. So here we go!”



Motion City Soundtrack – Commit This To Memory

This band saved my life. I remember being 13/14 and feeling so alone and weird. My brother took me to Warped Tour and he said: “Let’s go check out this new band.” We got down to where they were performing and there were maybe 10 people watching them. I just remember staring up at the stage, entranced. My mind being blown. The words being sung resonated with me in a way music hadn’t before. It was like for the first time someone was voicing the depression and anxiety I’d been struggling to articulate and I no longer felt alone. Justin Pierre’s voice was one of the first I heard that got me thinking “Huh…so you can have a good voice and be in a punk band.” After that my obsession with music began.


The Beatles – Rubber Soul

I grew up in a house of musicians. My parents sang and played guitar. My mom wrote songs of her own and we used to all sing together in the house. My siblings and I were raised on good old British invasion bands. I learned how to harmonize by listening to The Beatles over and over. I even wanted to be Paul McCartney and picked up the bass for a while. This album especially is one of my favorites.


The Replacements – Pleased To Meet Me

No other band has influenced me quite as much as The Replacements. And this album rocks! If you haven’t heard it, listen now. I had a moment when I first discovered them that was like “Where has this been all my life?” It was, like, a part of my spirit was missing and suddenly woke up. I was forever changed. I know it makes no sense but Paul Westerberg’s voice is a big influence for me. There’s no one out there who can capture the emotion of a song quite like him. At times it’s sarcastic and snarky and then all of a sudden he makes you want to cry.


Frank Turner – England Keep My Bones

I started listening to Frank Turner when this album came out and I think it’s still my favorite of his. There are so many little instrumental moments buried in the background. It’s one of those albums you can listen to over and over and discover something new you didn’t hear before. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve turned it up in the car and sung along at the top of my lungs. The use of folk melodies entwined with punk beats and lyrics is a big influence for me in my songwriting.


Superchunk – I Hate Music

So I know it’s weird to pick the latest album from a band with such an amazing discography as Superchunk, but this one is just full of bangers. From start to finish there isn’t a single track that doesn’t catch your attention. And I love their use of feedback harmonizing in the background. I went to see them play at Cat’s Cradle in Chapel Hill, NC, after this came out and I have to say, the energy on stage was inspiring. It made me love the songs even more.




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  1. “Their 2017 follow-up Better Lives was mixed and co-produced by Jon Auer (The Posies, Big Star). Unfortunately for all twee indie pop lovers, the band broke up on release day 11/03/17, but their great music catalog lives on for all to enjoy.” – Egghunt Records

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