Your Global Texan Chronicles Weekly Top 10 February 26, 2018

February 26, 2018, has a fresh GTC Weekly Top 10.

february 26, 2018

Thank You for coming by Global Texan Chronicles this past week as we checked out the stunning new video for Emma Swift’s cover of Neil Young’s “Mellow My Mind”,  Holiday Sidewinder brought the magic of her “Tra$h Can Luv”, Kt Emmerson got into Rich Girl’s “Hit”, Real Rock And Roll brought the rock with tracks from Temperance Movement, The Velcro Teddy Bears, and Gender Roles!

And that was just the tip, the tip of the iceberg.

Here is what was read the most this past week at The GTC:

  1. Emma Swift Covers Neil Young – ’75 “Mellow My Mind”
  2. Kt Emmerson: Rich Girls’ “HIT”, Garage Goes Gothic…
  3. The Magic of Holiday Sidewinder Tra$h Can Luv
  4. Beatles Show Every Little Thing w/ Ken Michaels: Beautiful Beatles Songs
  5. GTC Has Fresh Track Picks Real Rock And Roll Music Blog Edition February 24, 2018
  6. 3 Reason Why Wheeler Walker Jr.’s FU to Music Row Movement
  7. Three Angles Three-Way: New Order – “Bizarre Love Triangle”
  8. 3 Reasons Why: Shel Silverstein and the songs that he wrote
  9. In Her Own ’67 Words: Nico (Päffgen) on the desire not to grow up…
  10. 3 Reasons Why Pearl Charles


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