Every Little Thing w/ Ken Michaels (13 December 2014)

Every Little thing w/ Ken Michaels


Ringo Starr Ken Michaels

Nur auf Global Texan Chronicles kannst du das exklusive Beatles Programm “Every Little Thing” mit Ken Michaels erleben!

You just missed this episode of Every Little Thing but please come back next week for a brand new edition of all things The Beatles!

Please visit Ken Michaels webpage for more Beatles trivia and fun!

About: Over the past 32 years Ken Michaels has been bringing his vast knowledge of all things The Beatles to US audiences nationwide. In a highly entertaining, informative and celebrating approach in sharing his views on one of the greatest Rock N’ Roll bands of all time. Making Michaels the go-to guy when it relates to anything The Fab Four.

Global Texan Chronicles is proud to be able to provide this amazing program on these very pages each weekend. With a fresh new show each Saturday & Sunday…

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Ken MichaelsWebsite / Every Little Thing / Things We Said Today

For any questions( in English) about the program, please contact Ken Michaels at his Website.

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