Dwight Yoakam Pioneers 58

Dwight Yoakam 3 PearsThe GTC would like wish a hip-swiveling & twang tinged Happy 58th Birthday to The Masterful Renaissance Man, Dwight David Yoakam!

We’ve always found it intriguing the way you delivered music to country radio in the 80’s in the grand authentic stylings of Buck Owens, Elvis, Johnny Cash & Carl Perkins and the music world called you a pioneer. A short while later they would call you the leader of The New Traditionalists. Interesting.

Interesting indeed. Whatever the peoples ‘in the know’ want to call you, we call you a bad-mamma-jamma that has never once written a song for mass appeal and yet the world took notice and solidified the fact that there is a place in the world for not overly produced country rockin’ bro sounds.

You have been one of the artists in a music lover’s life that stays constant while you explore changing tides. We’d like to point out the four albums that cemented you into the, currently fictional, Hall Of Legends of the music world and should have a home in every record collection.

We would also like to single out your current release  3 Pears, for being one of the best of your career. As well as being one of the most adventurous albums released by any act in years.

We don’t forget your directing, entrepreneurship, writing and acting. Your turn in Panic Room (’02), South of Heaven, West of Hell (also writer & director ’01) were stellar examples of your multifaceted talents but it was how you brilliantly brought the disgusting Doyle to life in Sling Blade(’96) that had the world notice you are The Man of all ‘Renaissance Men’!

So, again, Happy Day of Birth Mr. Yoakam! We dig your work, style and bad-ass authentic personality in a time of ‘reality star’ dimwits and bro-pop-country are ruling the airwaves, you continue to prove that if you stay true to who you are and to your craft(s) you will make a long lasting impact on the world around you.

Other artists should take notice and learn from your example but we doubt they will… 

Also Born Today: Mike Burston – Motorhead (1949)


2 thoughts on “Dwight Yoakam Pioneers 58

  1. Dwight had style right from the beginning, when he was featured in the L.A. sampler “A Town South of Bakersfield.” And after being signed to Reprise – he exploded on the market! Times were ready in 1986 to forget about the soft pop coming out of Trashville and going back to the roots. Unfortunately the golden days of the 80s are long gone and only exist in small(er) country stations in the US, where Dwight and his two cohorts Randy Travis (WB) and Steve Earle (MCA) changed the music.

    It would be fine by me if these almost 30 year old events would return – there is enough talent out there to hit the scene with authenticity and musicianship than just good looking boys and girls for the teenage crowd.

    • Right on! You’re right, he always did Michael. His blend of Owens, hillbilly and Elvis inspired country hitting the LA punk clubs stirred a hornets nest back in the 80’s and he’s still got it!

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