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Little Richard

“Black people lived right by the railroad tracks, and the train would shake their houses at night. I would hear it as a boy, and I thought: I’m gonna make a song that sounds like that”. –  Little Richard

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On Songwriting part 10

Many of us start songwriting form a quite selfish perspective. by J.P. Kallio   Here’s a big thing that changed my songwriting. I realised that people don’t necessarily want to hear songs about me. It is natural starting point for us songwriters to write about our selves, and I still from time do it as…

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On Songwriting Pt. 9

My point is you need to have faith in your self. by J.P. Kallio   I’ve just been handed a slap on the face lesson, by me! I’m in a middle of songwriting for the second album of 2015 and once again I see my self falling in to the old habits of vanity and…

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Third Eye of Songwriting

There are times when the songwriting can take you on a trip, it can be a lonely task. by J.P. Kallio   As a songwriter I have become very aware lately of the intricacy of how I collect information, inspiration and ideas for songs. Yes there are parts of songwriting, which I call “tools” and…

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Song Crafting

I believe everyone can write a song if they are given the right tools and skills, but to get good at it, you need to learn the art of song crafting. by J.P. Kallio   Songwriting, like so many other art forms have this mysthical glow about them. I suppose the late sixties and early…

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Songwriting, Get Started Already

Who’s to say what’s a good voice and not a good voice? – Dave Grohl By Walter Price   I am not a empowerment or motivational writer, speaker or what have ya. I just get bored to all hell with lazy complaining people. The hardest part about anything is getting started. When I was a…


On Songwriting Pt. 5

If you normally start with music, this is a perfect opportunity to try a different approach. By J.P Kallio   Never miss an opportunity to write songs while you are traveling. We all know the phrase “Traveling broadens the mind”. You are forced to look at things in a different way while you are traveling, so…