In Her Own Words: Feist on the rooms where you’re recording

Feist and her brilliant new album, ‘Pleasure’, can be found on iTunes.     “I’ve not really spent much time in proper studios. The room itself where you’re recording, and how you live while you’re there is what appeals to me.”   LESLIE FEIST website / twitter VIDEO Director/DP: Mary Rozzi Production Company: Believe Media…

billie joe armstrong

In His Own Words: Billie Joe Armstrong on Charlottesville

Billie Joe Armstrong can be found on Instagram.   “I love the heartland. nothing makes me feel more inspired than hearing an arena singing together.. so many thoughts today.. my heart feels heavy. I feel like what happened in Charlottesville goes beyond the point of anger. It makes me sad and desperate. Shocked. I fucking…


In Their Own Words: Placebo on awareness and understanding

Placebo’s statement was originally posted 21 July, on their Facebook Page.     “It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that we extend our love and condolences to the family and friends of Chester Bennington. Chester was never less than a kind, gentle and generous soul to us and our band. This tragedy,…

ben folds

In His Own Words: Ben Folds on art and turmoil

Ben Folds can be found on iTunes.     “I do have that mindset, that most good art comes from some turmoil, from someone trying to come to some equilibrium, or come up and get a breath.”   BEN FOLDS facebook / website       support great artists, buy music     kindly share