Bonnie and The Bang BangIf It breaks your heart I’ll cut you lose I cut you…


By Walter Price


Someplace between early Third Eye Blind and Suede come BONNIE & THE BANG BANG (Patrick Stiles, Joe Warren, Jake Dineen, Robby Cronholm, Bob Dossa) from Oakland, CA that picks up were early to mid-90’s Brit-Pop and US alt crossovers left off. Plenty of perfectly sweet jangly guitars, a familiar and welcome home back beat and a frontman that has soul grabbing vocal silkiness unliket any you’ve heard of late. These feelings are based on their brilliant new single, ”Every New Love” (Breakup Records). A track that should anchor that hitting the open highway mixtape played endlessly as your destination is unknown.

Here is what the band’s Patrick Stiles told me about the Bob Dossa directed clip for the new single, “Shooting the video for Every New Love was a lot of fun. For the spinning shots, we used a turntable I picked up at Best Buy. We put that thing through the ringer, putting weights on it, even rigging a counter weight with a pencil and a duct tape to slow the rotation just right. We abused that thing bad and totally returned it that night for a full refund.”


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