In Their Own Shadowy Words: RICH GIRLS’ Luisa Black + Jonny Naismith – “Better”

“Better” by Rich Girls is available @ iTunes.


by Walter Price



While listening to the fresh new single, “!Better”, from New York’s Rich Girls, it dawned on me how continually ambiguous the band’s lyrics have been over the years. Reminiscent of words written by Stipe, Marr/Morrissey, and Burroughs, your own experiences must translate the depths. Uncurl the layers. On the surface, the new track can be interpreted as one who is overcoming a daunting stretch of untold darkness.

You’ll have to listen to the shadowy new release below and decipher for yourself what  Luisa Black: and Jonny Naismith have given us this go round.

Bend the light
You’re dead
Holding / holding up

Late July
You’re still alive
Holding / holding up

Jesus Christ
You’re late tonight
Oceans / oceans up
Oceans / oceans up, baby



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