The Beatles Show ELT w/ Ken Michaels

sexy girlsNur auf Global Texan Chronicles kannst du das exklusive Beatles Programm “Every Little Thing” mit Ken Michaels erleben!

On this weekend’s show, Songwriting collaborations between Paul & Elvis Costello, Ringo & Joe Walsh, getting “Anthologized,” and some of the earliest Lennon-McCartney songs.
Plus Beatles Trvia!

CONTEST: In celebration of YOKO ONO‘s 82nd Birthday this week, Ken Michaels be giving away a special combo of prizes for a Special Contest on my website. This includes the new coffee-table sized book “SEE HEAR YOKO,” by their long-time friend and photographer Bob Gruen and DJ/Journalist Jody Denberg, featuring photos of Yoko from her time with John up to today, everything from the “Some Time In New York City Sessions,” to the “One-To One Rehearsals,” the “Double Fantasy” period, plus pictures from Yoko’s 1974 tour of Japan, her 1985 European tour, when the Beatles and John were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, her birthday concert at the Brooklyn Academy Of Music in 2010, and much more! (Courtesy Harper Collins Publishing.) PLUS you can win the new Yoko tribute compilation CD “CUT PIECES,” featuring 16 cover versions of Yoko’s songs from independent artists (MainMan Records.) Find out the details how to win both the book and CD together on Ken Michaels’ website HERE!

Global Texan Chronicles is proud to be able to provide this amazing program on these very pages each weekend. With a fresh new show each Saturday & Sunday…

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