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This show includes a song that Paul McCartney gave to another legendary British artist, we’ll get “Anthologized” with Beatles & John Lennon Anthology tracks, and a thematic set of songs whose titles begin with the word “Don’t.”



We’re celebrating the latest Paul McCartney remaster, and this time it’s 1989’s critically-acclaimed album FLOWERS IN THE DIRT.

The album featured songs written with Paul’s newest collaborator, Elvis Costello, including “My Brave Face,” “You Want Her Too” (duet with Elvis,) “Don’t Be Careless Love” and “That Day Is Done,” along with many songs he performed during his 1989-90 World Tour (“Figure Of Eight,” “We Got Married,” “Rough Ride,” “This One,” and “Put It There.”) It featured Paul’s current band that he toured with-Hamish Stuart, Robbie McIntosh, Paul “Wix” Wickens, and Chris Whitten. Paul also worked with several producers on this album—Mitchell Froom, Trevor Horn, Steve Lipson, Chris Hughes and David Foster. Overall, this is one of Paul’s best solo albums, showing his range of many genres of music, with great production and consistently strong material. The new remaster is available in several versions, and we’re giving away your choice of either the SPECIAL EDITION CD or DOUBLE VINYL EDITION. Both CD or Vinyl includes a full CD of 9 acoustic demos of songs that Paul & Elvis wrote together. Two of these songs have never been available commercially until now (“Twenty Fine Fingers” and “Tommy’s Coming Home,”) and another two were released as Elvis recordings (“So Like Candy,” and “Playboy To A Man.”) Many fans have come to enjoy the demos in some cases better than the studio versions, and they’re certainly great to listen to, just to hear these two harmonizing and stripped down to acoustic guitar and piano.

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