Your Global Texan Weekly Top 10 August 21, 2017 is Fresh

August 21, 2017, finds your GTC Weekly Top 10, fresh.

August 21

Thank You for coming by Global Texan Chronicles this past week as Nearby Pastures’ Spencer A. Simmons stopped by to go full track by track the new EP ‘Loose Teeth’, Doll Skin rocked us three-ways, Billy Momo chatted up “Not in it for the money”, we checked out some classic reviews of Jimi Hendrix Experience’s ‘Are You Experienced’, Feist talked recording spaces, Billie Joe Armstrong had heartfelt thoughts about the tragedy in Charlottesville, and much more!

Another week and sadly, another legend goes on up to the spirit in the sky. Jerry Lewis 1926-2017. You will be missed, not only for your influential film and comedy career but also, your years of charitable contributions to the MDA marathon and more. Rest easy Mr. Lewis.

Here is what was read the most this past week at The GTC; August 14-20, 2017:

  1. Nearby Pastures go Track x Track new ‘Loose Teeth’ EP
  2. 3 Reasons Why the Rock ‘N’ Roll of Doll Skin
  3. In His Own Words: Billie Joe Armstrong on Charlottesville
  4. Beatles Show Every Little Thing w/ Ken Michaels: Beatles with Billy Preston
  5. Retro Review: Jimi Hendrix Experience – ‘Are You Experienced’
  6. Billy Momo Says: Not in it for the money
  7. Trebuchet – Volte-Face LP Track x Track with Eliott Whitehurst
  8. In Her Own Words: Feist on the rooms where you’re recording
  9. Beatles Show Every Little Thing w/ Ken Michaels: Lennon Engineer Dennis Ferrante Interview
  10. 5 Albums That Influenced Multifaceted Musician Wily Bo Walker

Where did you come from last week?

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  3. Germany
  4. Canada
  5. Ireland
  6. Australia
  7. Spain
  8. Sweden
  9. France
  10. Brazil



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