Your August 2017 Global Texan Monthly Top 10 is Fresh

August 2017 Top 10 is in.

august 2017

Thank You for coming by Global Texan Chronicles during the month of August 2017! A month that we had the chance to check out so much going on in music from around the world. Including five albums that influenced Lindsay White, Brian Ray and Dennis Ferrante chatted with Ken Michaels, Nearby Pastures’ Spencer A. Simmons stopped by to go track by track the new EP, ‘Loose Teeth’, we went three reasons why Doll Skin, Billy Momo shared their words of wisdom, and we heard the real story behind Dragland’s “Movin’ On”. As well as our friends at Real Rock And Roll Music Blog presented tracks by Tokyo Taboo, Vanguards, and The Lost Poets!! And that is just part of August’s story…

Here is what was read and shared the most during the month of August 2017 at Global Texan Chronicles:

  1. Beatles Show Every Little Thing w/ Ken Michaels: Brian Ray Interview
  2. 5 Albums That Influenced Singer-Songwriter Lindsay White
  3. Happy Birthday, Global Texan Chronicles Turns Four Years Old!
  4. Nearby Pastures go Track x Track new ‘Loose Teeth’ EP
  5. 3 Reasons Why the Rock ‘N’ Roll of Doll Skin
  6. GTC Has Fresh Track Picks Real Rock And Roll Music Blog Edition August 2017 Pt. 1
  7. Beatles Show Every Little Thing w/ Ken Michaels: Lennon Engineer Dennis Ferrante Interview
  8. The Firsthand Story of “Movin’ On” from Dragland
  9. Billy Momo Says: Love songs
  10. Bizarre Things We Heard from Adrian Belew & Stewart Copeland (Gizmodrome)


Where did you come from during August 2017?

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Germany
  4. Sweden
  5. Canada
  6. Ireland
  7. Australia
  8. Italy
  9. France
  10. Spain



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