In Her Own Queen of Soul Words: Aretha Franklin on her friendship with Sam Cooke

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“Sam and I met at a Sunday evening program that we had at our church back in the early ’50s. And I was sitting there waiting for the program to start after church, and I just happened to look back over my shoulder and I saw this group of people coming down the aisle. And, oh, my God, the man that was leading them — Sam and his brother LC. These guys were really super sharp. They had on beautiful navy blue and brown trench coats. And I had never seen anyone quite as attractive, not a male as attractive as Sam was. And so [laughs] prior to the program my soul was kind of being stirred in another way.”



 March 25, 1942  –  August 16, 2018


The quote comes from the NPR Fresh Air interview.


you will be missed…



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