5 Albums That Shaped Musician/Writer Alle Royale

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by Alle Royale


To choose five records that shaped your life it is not like to pick your five favorite records of all time; it’s not a matter of taste or quality, it’s all about what that specific bunch of songs have meant for you in a specific moment in time. With this in mind i picked five out of twenty records that have made me love this life harder.


Beatles – 1962-1966 (1973)

This is a little trick, because The Beatles were the band that made me understand in the first place that i was born to love music. Since, when i was a little kid, 7″ inches were still huge, i used to spend my very first money on little pieces of vinyl by The Fab Four, for all the songs included in this double record that changed the life of many, and history in itself.


Duran Duran – S/T (1981)

I still remember the 10 years old version of me waking up every morning during summer holidays just to play this cassette; while the other kids were already out running after some ball, I had to spend the first part of the morning listening to “Planet Earth”, “Careless Memories” and the rest: the clear first signs of a solitary life indeed.


Iron Maiden – Somewhere In Time (1986)

Here we are in 1986 when, 13 years old, i discovered rock n’ roll through heavy metal and that changed the game forever for me:I started playing guitar! To this day Iron Maiden are still my favorite band and no one comes close.


Hellacopters – High Visibility (2000)

Of all these records this is the only one I rank in my top list of all time favorites, because it’s THE perfect record, the one that opened wide in front of me the doors to the sounds of Detroit, Soul, Punk, Garage and everything cool you could imagine.


Nick Drake – Five Leaves Left (1969)

I’m a melancholy person, or a sad turd to many, and when I discovered Nick Drake he showed me the way to express my feelings with just an acoustic guitar, like many others before and after him…but Nick was the first, my introduction to that world.


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