3 Reasons Why Jubilee Riots Penny Black

Jubilee Riots If we don’t come together, we might fall apart, I’m telling you it’s trying times…”

by Walter Price


Too many sad and terrible things going on around us all these past days and I found myself turning to one everlasting comfort, music. In particular four albums on heavy rotation; Frankie Lee’s ‘American Dreamer’, Jill Hennessy ‘I Do’, Jim Croce ‘Photographs & Memories’ (‘74) and Jubilee Riots ‘Penny Black’.

The thing about these albums is that these releases are full of stories not just songs. Vignettes to sink into, get lost for a while and let the world outside your window move in directions without you for the time being.

Jubilee Riots ‘Penny Black’ (2014 Northwood Records) moves in and out of moods and sonic genres with ease and carries the listener along tactile tales which ease the mind as well as cause thoughts of inspiration, intrigue, wonder and amazingly enough at powerful points it seems to have been created for precise times like now. Remarkable really how the album’s first three singles can be translated or interpreted for current events.

Here are 3 reasons why Jubilee Riots ‘Penny Black’…


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